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5 Tips To Curating Your Own Marketplace On Carousell

Note: Article originally published on Carousell’s blog.


Starting afresh on a social platform that you are not yet familiar can be daunting. Remember how it took a little bit of nudging from your friends before you got your own Facebook / Twitter / Instagram account? But right now it’s almost like second nature to you.

Being a Carousell user (or Carouseller) for slightly over two months now, I regard myself as no longer a novice user. But it wasn’t all that long ago when I first created my Carousell account, and wondering if I’ll even use it much, or if anyone would even be interested in purchasing any of my pre-loved items. (Fast forward 2 months and I realize that that wasn’t the case at all, thankfully.)

Some of us start off by being a buyer first, before venturing into selling your own items. And it starts getting really fun, exciting almost, after you have curated your own market place filled with many things that you are lustingafter – some may be pre-loved items, while some may be brand new even, so there’s really something for everybody.

For those of you who are taking the bold first step into being a Carouseller, here are some tips to get you started on creating your own marketplace.

Note: When you hit on the “Following” tab, you will see items listed by all the Carousellers you follow.

1)   Check out the Recommended Users


Tab: Following » Add Users » Recommended Users

It’s great that there are different product categories that will allow you to zoom into the type of items you will like to start exploring. Not to mention, there is the infinite scrolling function that allows you to browse endlessly! It is understandable if you feel a little overwhelmed.

The Carousell team has done a great job of selecting a list of Recommended Users for you to kick start your exploration. This list highlights the top users on Carousell whose profiles exhibit an inspiring catalogue of items. Start by looking through their items to be inspired by their beautiful listings, following the ones you like to start customizing your own marketplace, and pick up a tip or two on being an awesome community member!

2)   Follow your friends


Tab: Following » Add Users » Find Friends » Facebook

There are very few things that are more fun than browsing through your friends’ catalogue of items. It is almost like visiting their booth at a flea market! Except this time it is from the comfort of your own smartphone. Not only are you able to support your friends in giving their pre-loved items a new lease of life, the trust factor is definitely also there.

3)   Use the ‘Like’ function as a bookmark


Tab: Me » Stuff I Liked

Hit the little heart icon (to ‘like’ an item) while browsing through what Carousellers have to offer. This allows you to bookmark all the items you like and may consider making an offer for in the near future. It is also a great way to get other Carousellers to take note of your existence and check out your listings too, so it’s a win-win situation. You can always unlike items in the future when you’re no longer interested, so feel free to go crazy with it!

4)   Start searching and exploring


If there are particular brands (ASOS, Zara, H&M) or items (iPhone, necklaces, lego sets) that you are look for, just key it into the search field and you’d be amazed by what you will find! Start following Carousellers that list categories or style of items that you like, and start building your own marketplace from there!

5)   Follow Carousellers your favourite Carousellers are following


“Follow me… follow us…?”

A “secret” tip to help you discover users that you will love. If there are some Carousellers whose items you simply love, it doesn’t hurt to look at all the other Carousellers that they are following as well! After all, birds of a feather flock together, no? You may even find that this is your favourite way to discover the other Carousellers that you love. Before you know it, you’d have curated a marketplace filled with lots of items that speak to you personal preferences, style and aesthetics!

Most importantly, have fun and keep exploring! Discovery is definitely the best way to curating a marketplace that you love.

Check out my listings on Carousell at @miss_pang! Find out more about Carousell and get your own account at

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