Startup Journey

Delivering beauty & wellness experiences to you in real-time via our web and app platforms. Klarity is about enjoying life’s indulgences in a way that matters to you – when you want it, and where you want it. We make it simple for you to discover available beauty & wellness experiences, and simpler to reserve appointments on the go so that you get to enjoy them. There are even insider offers for those of you who love a good deal. By being your gateway to beauty & wellness providers, we open up more options for you to look good and feel better.

Newton Circus
Project Director
We believe “Doing good is good business.” With a wealth of experience and expertise spanning all corners of the globe, we balance our time between our own business ventures and working with multinational corporations. We have brought our collective talent and passion to Newton Circus in hopes of embedding sustainability into everything we do.

Data Innovation Challenge, enabled by DEXTRA
Project Director
DEXTRA is a new initiative bringing together data specialists and enterprises to leverage tools and technologies for crowdsourcing data-driven solutions to real-world problems. It is a public, private and people sector supported community of Data Specialists, which aims to promote Data Science and Business Analytics as a key driver of economic growth and competitiveness.

UP Singapore
Project & Incubation Manager
A ground-up innovation platform which makes creative use of technology and data to improve our urban environments. UP Singapore seeks to achieve high levels of diverse and active community participation and foster strong collaboration between different community, government, corporate and NGO groups. As part of UP Singapore, organisations from both the public and private sector contributed to a unique and unprecedented data sandbox, providing opportunities to learn, create value and discover possibilities for new open-data ecosystems and economies.

Love Out Loud Asia
Digital Marketing & Branding
Love Out Loud Asia (LOLA) is the simple, fun & private way to connect with likeminded singles and go on awesome dates. It uses an activity-based approach (date ideas) to make the experience more about meeting up rather than hiding behind a computer scrolling through countless profiles. It also gives you more privacy by sending you only one quality match a day; limiting your profile exposure. It’s built for people who hate online dating.

Poached Magazine
Startup Editor/Business Development
Poached Mag is the foremost lifestyle platform bringing you the heat in every beat from Arts to Entertainment, Fashion,Food and Perspective. Plugged with original content updated daily and a store to boot, we’ve got the wit, drive and personality you won’t find elsewhere.

BoP Hub
BoP Hub works to create vibrant, sustainable marketplaces at the base of the pyramid by serving as a catalyst for creating ventures between global corporations, social entrepreneurs, and BoP organizers.

Dressabelle is an online e-tailer with a very clear edge in providing quality clothing that is suitable for work, seamlessly taking a lady from work to play, day to night, at affordable prices. In the span of a few years, it has developed from a fashion house to a lifestyle brand, with capabilities in product marketing, social media, online marketing, content creation and brand endorsements.

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    • Hi Edd! Thanks for your comment, and appreciate your openness about sharing your opinions! How would you best propose this can be prevented? Didn’t want to go into full details of what I did at each startup as it will just end up looking like my LinkedIn profile. Let me know your thoughts.

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