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GetKlarity – Feeling Good Should Be Easy!

Sorry for not blogging lately. Been really busy with my latest project in the consumer platform space. I have had a few readers who emailed me about why I am on a break, and what is the latest project that “coming your way in July 2014”.

July is long past, and I’m finally ready to unveil to you:
GETKLARITY – book top beauty, hair, nail salons & spas near you.


GetKlarity is about enjoying life’s indulgences in a way that matters to you – when you want it, and where you want it. We make it simple for you to discover available beauty & wellness experiences, and simpler to reserve appointments on the go so that you get to enjoy them. There are even insider offers for those of you who love a good deal. By being your gateway to beauty & wellness providers, we open up more options for you to look good and feel better.

We are hard at work to bring you version 1 of our web platform in September itself (yes, this month!), which allows you as a GetKlarity customer to start searching for businesses that will fit your requirements in terms of location, types of servies you wish to discover. Some useful features will include being able to discover businesses based on the type of services that they are recommended for, so no more poring over forum threads that may / may not yield any results for you.

We’ll also be reaching out to you very soon to leave your feedback and reviews for the businesses listed on our platform! So this is really going back to what I love doing – engaging with customers. There will be the usual give-aways and cool promotions that we reserve for our early users and Klarity evangelists, so you should definitely stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, do me a big favour and sign up for GetKlarity’s newsletter! This is where you’ll get updates on all that’s happening with us 😉

Sign up here – http://eepurl.com/0soOT


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