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How To: Invite All Your Friends To Like Your Facebook Page

Crazy Curious Facebook Hack

Yes, Facebook has recently changed their settings again. But if you, like me, need to invite all your friends to like your Facebook page and can’t be arsed to click the “Invite” button 1,000+ times, then…


1. Go to your Facebook page. Make sure that you are an Admin on your page.

2. Click on “Build Audience” on the top right hand corner

3. Select “Search All Friends”

4. Scroll down till all your friends are loaded

5. Right click, select “Inspect Element”

6. Go to “Console” tab (last tab) in the pop out that happens at the bottom of the page

7. Stick this code into the Console space:

var x=document.getElementsByClassName(“uiButton _1sm”);for(var i=0;i<x.length;i++) {x[i].click();}; alert(‘Done: please scroll and repeat until all your friends have been selected’)

8. Hit ENTER and let magic begin

Credits to Anirban Dutta who wrote this code to save us all.

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