Random Musings

[Perspective] These 5 Questions


Every time you get through a relationship, another human being is involved. And because other humans generally have their own sets of thinking, core values and emotions, it can get sometimes get tricky to sail through these relationships.

As the saying goes: You rather be happy alone than unhappy with someone else. The fact that such a saying exists is proof that people sometimes just loathe being alone.

So, are you in a relationship because of a person, or because of the sake of being a relationship?

These are the 5 questions I now ask to keep myself grounded in times where flurries of emotions occur:

  1. Do I currently love myself enough to have enough love for another person?
  2. Do we share the same core values that guide our actions and decisions?
  3. What are my relationship deal breakers, and do I instinctively spot them already?
  4. Do we have common goals in life that we are both working hard to achieve?
  5. Is this something I’ve gotten into so as to distract myself from life’s many challenges?

Only you know your answers to these questions.

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