By Joelle Pang


Co-founder of Klarity – delivering beauty & wellness experiences to you in real-time via our web and app platforms.

Having acquainted herself with the local startup scene for the past 5 years, she’s now sharing with you a part of her world – on entrepreneurship, startups and lifehacks. Joelle also writes at Poached Mag and tweets at @miss_pang. You can also find her on Google+.

Joelle believes in solving real world problems in the most efficient way. After chalking up three years of corporate experience in the aviation and finance, while simultaneously managing her first startup , she decided to give full-time entrepreneurship a shot. Having successfully grown the business over five years, Joelle felt the need to embark on a new adventure and has found her comfortable equilibrium at the tech startup which she works in now.

A structured yet out-of-the-box thinker who is passionate about solving problems and making things work.

For more on the startup-related work I’ve done, check out my Startup Journey.

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