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Ready Or Not, People Are Going To Let You Down

Like it or not, it’s gonna come, and it’s gonna happen.

People, just like you, are going to let you down. You’re going to sow into someone’s life so completely, and realise one day that it was a one-way street. That while you can choose to give unconditionally of your time and of yourself, it may just be an entitlemnet to someone else.

And so what if it’s reciprocated? Sometimes life just throws you a curveball where, due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’, people unwillingly let you down.

So Momentum gave me this quote:

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

Yes, that is so very true! So the questions I am going to ask myself from today onwards:

1. Have I put in place a system where both parties can have a ‘trial period’ before committing (time) to each other?

2. Have I set the right limits in place so that I do not sow too much time during this period?

3. How can I be a more inspiring manager without getting too much emotions involved?

4. Am I setting realistic expectations on people around me, or am I setting them up for failure?

5. In the event that I do get disappointed, how do I deal with it professionally and effectively?

Just some random thougths at 3:00AM on a Saturday night / Sunday morning.

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