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Silverline: Smartphones For Seniors

Note: Article originally published on Poached Mag.

Singapore’s mobile penetration rate is almost at 150%. What does that even mean? How does it even exceed 100%? Well, it just means that in our society of hyper-consumerism, some of us have not only one mobile phone, but two, or even three! Are you this sort of super consumer? Or are you like most of us, who have spare iPhone sets lying around the house in case someday the one we are currently using should fall out of a building or take a plunge into the toilet bowl?

Silverline kills two birds with one phone by taking that unused handset and bringing the smartphone revolution to seniors. They take smartphones that we no longer have any use for, refurbish them and install a suite of custom-designed, elderly-friendly apps that make complex technology easier to use, giving the smartphones a new lease of life by gifting them to seniors who use them to better their livelihoods.

Some of our favourite Silverline apps are:

1. INSPIRE which features daily headlines and human-interest stories delivered in text, picture and video formats to keep them informed of current events and raises their spirits through feel good stories and uplifting quotes.

2. DISCOVER which allows them to snap pictures of where they are or interesting things they see and document them in photo albums. Each image is also geo-tagged and time stamped automatically, and they are given the option to describe each image and express themselves. It is a wonderful way to document and share their activities through the day.

Nothing quite describes what Silverline sets out to achieve better than this video:

Of course, the team has also been thoughtful enough to include apps such as the WELL-BEING app, which provides simple reminders for taking medicine, drinking water and doing exercise. It even allows them to monitor their moods and watch videos providing simple health tips to implement in their daily routines.

Upon launching their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on March 5, 2013, they have already raised over $25,000 of their goal of $50,000, making them the most successful crowdfunding campaign originating from Singapore and Asia thus far. You can be part of this do good initiative too – from as little as $5, you can pledge your support for Silverline. Personally, we’ve pledged our support with the CARE PACK ($79), which will provide for an under-served senior with everything he or she needs to take full advantage of the new apps and smartphone: a refurbished iPhone 3GS, a year-long data and voice plan, all updated including future Silverline Apps, as well as one-on-one smartphone training.

If you’re still not convinced, one of Silverline’s supporters has pledged to match all contributions, dollar per dollar up to $7,000, for 7 days: starting from Monday, April 8 through to Sunday, April 14. So here is how it works: If you contribute $10, he will match it. And if you contribute $1,000, he will match that as well. There has never been a better time to do some good and support Silverline: Smartphones for Seniors.

Image Credit: Silverline

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