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The Wine Tasting Experience, Now Brought Online.

Note: Article originally published on Poached Mag.


E-commerce has truly exploded in the past 10 years. Ordering things through the net used to be reserved for small-ticket items (remember eBay & blogshops?), and other items you don’t mind “taking a chance” on. Now it has evolved to include premium items, from clothing (Inverted Edge), to lifestyle products (HipVan), and even furniture (Just Enjoy Life)!

Coming onboard the e-commerce bandwagon is The French Cellar, an online store that promises a unique wine tasting experience via monthly subscriptions, customised to your duration preference (3, 6 or 12 months) and of course, price points. For those of you familiar with the e-commerce subscription model, it’s almost like Vanity Trove for premium wines! It’s a great time to pick up a new hobby too, for those of you who love new year resolutions.

As a subscriber, you will receive two bottles of French wines specially handpicked by their Sommelier, Nicolas Rebut, former Chef Sommelier at the fine-dining palaces Louis XV (three stars, Monaco) and Le Meurice (three stars, Paris) every month. The wines are imported directly from the vineyards and delivered to your doorstep for your convenience, along with wine tasting and wine pairing notes. Talk about translating a value-added experience from online to offline!


The inspiration and idea behind The French Cellar came about when co-founders Vincent Morello and Eric Joubert saw how difficult it was to for wine lovers in Singapore to select and get hold of quality wines. After all, how many of us have adequate knowledge on selecting wines, beyond the cursory “acidic backbone”? And what does that even mean, really?

Morello and Joubert aim to make it easier for wine lovers to get good quality wines delivered directly to their homes, saving them the trouble of going through thousands of vineyards and appellations. This new concept provides an unique wine tasting experience to any of their subscribers, whether they are wine connoisseurs, burgeoning oenophiles or the occasional wine lovers.

They picked Nicolas Rebut as their sommelier after going through several rounds of interviews with a wide range of sommeliers. 38-year-old Nicolas Rebut is a consultant for different companies in France and trains aspiring sommeliers for many established and famous restaurants. His passion for wines developed during his days as a student, when he was initially planning to become a Chef. Now, as an entrepreneur, he has more opportunities to work on different projects, travel and meet more winemakers.

To up the ante, The French Cellar has also brought on the world-renowned Le Comte Alexandre de Lur-Saluces, a great personality from the legendary Chateau d’Yquem, and the outstanding Chateau de Fargues, as their brand ambassador.

Wine is part of our culture and a basis of our civilisation. It is a wonderful bridge between countries who look towards the future of mankind. Wine carries civilisation through what it represents.

Tasting our wines nurtures the relationship between our regions, our country and all the wine lovers from every continent who know how to celebrate our wines throughout their lives. This is why I would like to support The French Cellar for representing our wines on the other side of the world

– Alexandre de Lur Saluces.

The French Cellar plans to use Singapore as the Asian hub of wine tasting to expand in the region in the coming years, and aims to increase the awareness of their unique service through collaborations with clubs, restaurants and media while also organising private events like wine and cheese tastings.

Remember, you heard about them through us first!

The French Cellar subscription packages include:

(1) Vineyard Gems: The perfect wines for your drinking pleasure and for any occasion. Each month, subscribers get to discover a new terroir and the hidden gems from talented winemakers.

(2) Tasting Voyage: Subscribers get to enjoy a superb wine tasting experience with the best of French wines regions. Each month, they receive a selection of high quality wines from renowned estates and sought-after appellations.

(3) Cellar Icons: An exclusive experience for the few privileged subscribers who will have the chance to taste some of the best wines France has to offer. Each month, subscribers get to appreciate the best vintages from iconic Chateaux, directly from their cellars.

Image Credit: The French Cellar

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