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Start Closing Deals On Carousell!

Note: This article is originally published on the Carousell blog. Thanks to Carousell for the amazing opportunity!


So now you have curated a marketplace you can be proud of. After some time of browsing what other Carousellers have to offer, and checking back on your own page only to see “0 Listings”, you are now thinking of doing something about it.

You’re happily listing your beautiful pre-loved items, believing that they will be snapped up in a matter of hours or days. But a whole week later, there isn’t yet one offer made for your items. What happens now? And what do you do next?

Don’t fret or lose heart. Everyone starts off with 0 followers; it is what you do about it that matters. After closing your first deal, you will have enough excitement to keep the ball rolling. Here are some tips for you to start closing those deals already!

1)   Let Others Carousellers Know About Your Items

a. Take great photos


Yeah this is good…

There are many tips and articles out there to taking good photos, so make sure you do that! When Carousellers visit your listings for the first time, remember that first impressions count.

b. Give your items good names!


Carousellers are constantly searching for items to buy and also to inspire them as they browse around. Get your items to show up in searches by giving them good titles – provide the brand, description of your items, condition of the item, etc. Avoid naming your listings with titles like “dress”, or even “black dress” for that matter. It may take a longer time to name the items, but you will get to sell them off faster.

c. Set realistic prices


There are many great deals out there offered on Carousell, so don’t set an unrealistically high price! Do a quick check first by searching for similar items on Carousell and seeing how others are pricing them.

2)   Let Other Carousellers Know You Exist


Start building your audience! This means you need other Carousellers to notice you enough to follow you.

a. Like other people’s items


Likes are free! So support other Carousellers by liking their items. They may just check out your listings and like them too, which increases the popularity of your listings.

b. Follow people who sell things you like

Not only does following Carousellers who sell the items you like allow you to start curating your own marketplace, it may also encourage them to check out your profile. Chances are that you guys may have the same styles and tastes, and they might just follow you back too!

3)   Share, Share, SHARE!


Sell -> ‘Sharing’ tab -> Configure Facebook and Twitter 

Share your Carousell profile and listing updates on Facebook and Twitter! Your friends are the most likely group of people to support you – both by following your account and also purchasing your items. After all, they should already trust you enough to shop from you, and it might just give you guys that little push you need to meet up already!

Lastly, browse around and identify which Carousellers have profiles and listings that inspire you to want to shop with them. The best way to pick up some tips is to learn from sellers that you personally like. What are the little details which made their profile look so good? How did you stumble upon their profile in the first place? Play around, explore and observe as much as you can. You will be learning faster than you first imagined! All the best!

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