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Religious people are… dumber?

What are your thoughts?

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In a recently published scholarly article titled Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Religion, researchers Edward Dutton from the University of Oulu, Finland and Richard Lynn from the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland argued that interdisciplinary differences in religiosity and political perspective among academics are predicted by interdisciplinary differences in intelligence between academics.

What this means for us non-research folks is that they argued intelligence is the main factor driving how religious an academic is. Apparently standardized tests can now predict if you are religious or not. The worse you score, clearly the more religious you are. Before any of you scream ‘but causality & correlation are different!’, I would just like to say I personally disagree with the above-mentioned argument put forth in the article.

Now I may not be the subject matter expert in any academic research, given that the only Bachelor’s Degree I have is that of being unmarried and…

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