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How I went from no degree to managing $X0,000 contracts

Thanks for the mention! I enjoyed reading this đŸ™‚

Growth Hacks For Geeks

Disclaimer: a lot of what I have so far done has been possible only because I stood on the shoulders of Giants like Joelle Pang and Ciaran Lyons (a friend and mentor to both Joelle and I). Joelle has a fantastic blog documenting her entrepreneurship journey and I strongly encourage anyone who is into that to go read her articles. Ciaran, who knows about everything from sales to running a company to web development, is the founder of Quantified-Self Singapore & Health 2.0 Singapore. 

I chose not to attend University in 2013 and had perhaps the best year of my life so far. I managed several 5-figure contracts (incl. one from a multi-billion revenue MNC), picked up Data Science and expanded my social/professional circle beyond my imagination. And I did it because I chose not to attend University.

For those of you who know me personally, you must have questioned…

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