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Get Onboard The HipVan!

Note: Article originally published on Poached Mag.

Celebrating local talent and giving a nod to the creatives in Singapore, HipVan has just announced the launch of its inaugural Singapore Week from August 19 to August 25. Hailed as the Fab ( of Singapore, HipVan is a design-focused online store featuring design inspirations for everyday living. Since its soft launch in April of this year, HipVan has quickly become the place where design lovers shop and discover new designs everyday, making the process of discovering great designs fun and simple.

So what can you expect at the first-ever Singapore Week? HipVan has featured 18 local brands and designers that boasts of a line-up of up-and-coming designers and those who are already recognised on the international stage. Here are some of our favourites:

Strangely Yours. Image Credit:

Strangely Yours. Image Credit:

1) Strangely Yours: Unique little handmade goods that make for thoughtful gifts to both yourself and your friends. The quirky lockets, hidden messages and movable trinkets inspired by wild fairytales and secret forests is quaint, strange and personal the wearer.

2) Bamboo Bee: A successful Kickstarter-backed project and creators of the world’s first technology-based hand crafted natural bicycles. Find out more about their natural bikes.

3) Democratic Society x SUPERMAMA: A homegrown design label that recently launched a ceramic dishware collection paying homage to familiar Singapore icons like the HDB flats and our national ‘bird’ – the Crane. Did you even know that?

4) Epigram Books: A local independent publisher known for putting together well-designed and thought-provoking titles that champion local writing. A great initiative for folks like us, we say!

5) The Everyday Revolution: A non-profit backed by the National Youth Council that commissions artists with special needs to create a variety of lifestyle products & art work to gain recognition for their talents.

We are extremely excited to gather these Singaporean designers on HipVan and feature them during the month of our national celebrations. HipVan has a strong bias towards local designers, and we believe in helping to build up the local design community. Singapore Week can hopefully be our own little contribution towards this goal. – Deborah Wee, HipVan’s Co-Founder and Head of Merchandizing

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