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Triibe: Making Your Feedback Count

Note: Article originally published on Poached Mag.

Triibe aims for feedback to be heard real-time such that shortfalls can be addressed almost immediately and honest recommendations get translated into social currency via word-of-mouth. So what’s in it for you? There are tangible rewards in store such as return vouchers upon receiving your feedback. Not to mention that your favourite establishments get a go at improving their business operations, in turn providing a better offering for you. Great way to close the communication loop, we say.

Truth of the matter is that 95% of customers can’t be arsed to provide feedback to a business, usually because it is neither intuitive nor do they see the point in doing so. Firstly, some businesses simply do not make it convenient for you to “leave us your feedback” – customer feedback forms are not placed anywhere in sight (and we aren’t exactly a very friendly bunch), or we are told to email them at some generic address which we bound to forget the moment we step out of the vicinity. Secondly, we are not even sure if our feedback is funneled to the people who matter. After all, out of every 5 feedback comments – both compliments and compliments, mind you – we only hear from one.

So what does this mean for businesses?

They will never know about what their customers (i.e. you and me) really think about what they are offering. Take your favourite restaurant for example. All it takes is one bad service experience to make you see them in a totally different light. What may ensue is an incessant round of ranting to your friends, and the end result may be that of you striking them off your list of dining options, albeit grudgingly, for good. What if… there was a channel for you rant real-time, and directly to the people who you know are going to act upon your dissatisfaction?

This is the gap where Triibe has decided to fill. As a smartphone-enabled feedback platform, mobile savvy folks like you can now provide your feedback in areas such as quality of product, service standards, ambience and overall experience via your iPhone/Galaxy/another-smartphone-camp.

And don’t for once think that it’s embarrassing being the only weird one providing feedback with a fervor.  Currently, over 60 businesses in Singapore are using Triibe to collect, analyze feedback and reward customers through their smartphones, including the very prominent Timbre, just to give you an example.

What’s in it for you?

Customers are in turn rewarded for providing their feedback, either through discounts on their current or future purchases. Talk about receiving instant gratification! Isn’t that the sole reason for why most of us provide “constructive feedback” anyway? And for those of  you, who, out of the generosity of your heart, have made it a habit to provide feedback to help your favourite businesses improve themselves, take heart that more and more of them are now taking a proactive step to make this a more seamless and rewarding process.

While Triibe has a unique featured known as the negative feedback notification to now make it possible for immediate service recovery to address your unhappiness, we also encourage you play nice and pay a compliment when a good experience or service is rendered.

Because what goes around comes around!

Image credits: Triibe

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