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Get openDOOR! (And Support Local)

Note: openDOOR is currently available on Singapore iOS app store, and created by local tech startup Newton Circus. It is currently in its beta version, so while you are one of the first few to hear about it and test it out, do bear with us as we fix the bugs! Do show us some love please! 

Image Credit: Newton Circus

For those of you looking to earn extra cash as you go about your daily activities, try openDOOR! openDOOR is a new iPhone app that allows you to perform fun and easy tasks on your iPhone as you go about your daily routine – and get paid on your EZ Link card!

You can earn $0.50 per training task and $1.00 per advanced task. Great way to pass time on your commute to work and back home! Download the app at


Tasks take less than a minute to complete, and require no specialized knowledge or skills.

Tasks may include:

  • Taking photos of a restaurant or store
  • Checking the availability and price of a certain product
  • Testing a new iPhone app
  • Reviewing a store as a mystery shopper
  • Completing a short survey about your opinions
  • Providing feedback on sample advertisements

openDOOR lets you choose from available tasks, organized as a list or a map of your local area. openDOOR also alerts you (via push notifications) to available tasks close to your current location and your favorite places – home, office, etc.

You can start any available task immediately, or you can reserve any task for up to two hours. Reserving tasks gives you peace of mind that your task is waiting for you and lets plan your route – so you can earn money more efficiently.

After your task submission is verified by an openDOOR staff member, your money will be credited to your account and then paid into the mobile wallet of your choice.

P/S You get paid for completing the training tasks too!

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