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ColourSync by PeaTiX: Making QR Codes and Paper Tickets Obsolete?

Peatix is a global, mobile-centric event ticketing platform that provides event organizers with powerful tools to create, promote, manage and sell out events of all sizes. Since its inception in May 2011, Peatix has hosted over 15,000 events across Japan, Singapore, and the United States. And with the lowest ticket fees available and fully customizable event pages, Peatix is truly an event organizer’s dream.

Having to host events for DEXTRA from time to time, I honestly welcomed the idea of having an alternative ticketing platform to Eventbrite. What was even more helpful was the fact that Peatix expanded to Singapore this year, and they were initially based off The Hub, where I am also based. You can call it homeground advantage, but it was very efficient to get things done when the team is physically in Singapore to help you along with your event-planning woes.

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I had to chance to meet with the Peatix Singapore team – Emi, Fabian and Claire, and these amazing personalities made me believe it when they say that they are here to seriously solve some deep-set issues faced by event planners, especially here in Singapore. They hold regular Backstage Pass events, where they not only promote peer-sharing, but more interesting, to place themselves in the shoes of being an event organiser – cause if you don’t host events yourself, how can you claim to understand the pain points of event organisers right?

Peatix has recently announced the release of ColorSync, an innovative new mobile check-in system for events. ColorSync’s technology removes the need for scanning QR codes or tearing tickets at the door, often a pain point for organizers, bouncers, and attendees alike.

As an event organiser, all you need to do is launch the app when it’s time to check attendees in. If their phones are flashing the same color sequence, you know they have a valid ticket and are good to be checked in. This may mean a great reduction in frustrating queue-time which is usually the main gripe of event attendees. Conversely, it is a real nightmare for event organisers to find out that they are the recipient of multiple vicious complaints on social media!

Built on Peatix’s robust event management platform, ColorSync’s imaginative patent pending technology provides organizers and bouncers, who usually check people in one-by-one at the door, with an accurate and secure way to check in large crowds effortlessly. “With ColorSync, anybody can intuitively check in hundreds of attendees in a matter of minutes with no training at all,” said Taku Harada, co-founder and CEO of Peatix.

ColorSync will be available only to select Peatix users in early 2014. Learn more and sign up for early access at!

The next Backstage Pass event by Peatix will be happening on 16 January, 2014. Find out more here

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