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Holiday party dress central: How we started Rent the Runway

“What Sept. 11 had done is wreak havoc on many different industries in the country, and I always think that in chaos there’s innovation. So I wanted to find the most chaotic industry out there, because I felt I would learn a huge amount. There would be a lot of change and transformation.” – Jennifer Hyman, Rent the Runway

Three things I picked up from this article:

  1. Peer-to-peer marketplaces may just be the next big trend for the e-commerce market.
  2. So what if you’re a woman? It always pays to be that little bit more aggressive (or at the very least, assertive) – a trait that seems to be reserved for the men, for some crazy reason. The worst answer you can get is a “No”, which you will get anyway for not speaking up.
  3. There’s no reason in 2014 to continue doing something you don’t love or are not passionate about. Go seek it out, and at least give it a try on the sidelines – that means no excuses that read along the lines of “I have too many financial commitments at the moment to leave my full-time job.”

Happy New Year guys!

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