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Design As An Outlet Of Expression

It’s been a long time since I dabbled with fashion collages since my Dressabelle days, but recently I got the idea of self-learning some graphic design tools, so that I can be fully equipped in designing things I see in my mind. What I picked up in the past few years have always been quite piece-meal – enough to get back, but never really enough to create original material.

Do share if you know of any open-sourced design software that you know of that is user-friendly and easy to pick up on!

Despite my current design limitation, I’ve been “creating” by creating collages today, and I’ve gotta say, I do feel a sense of satisfaction seeing the result of the work I’ve been putting in today. Dabbling in fashion again, this time selling loots on Carousell. Think I’ve gotten addicted to just expressing myself in as many ways as I can think of. Just sharing some of the visuals I’ve created today 🙂

a Lady In Red b We Heart It Cardigan d Paradise Prints f Girly Affair g Ruffled Collar

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