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Own Your Own Carousell Web Profile!

Cracking your brains for more ways to increase exposure for your Carousell profile? The cool thing is that there is a not-so-commonly-known (yet) feature on Carousell that you can creatively tap on to do just that.

I am sure that many of us (ladies, especially) have had the dream of starting your own online shop or blogshop at one point in time or another, but somehow didn’t find the time to do it, or realized that it was too troublesome to maintain one.

Now’s the time to let that dream come alive again (sorta…)! Did you know that Carousell has a really awesome web profile page for Carousell users? I know that most of us use Carousell as just an app on our smartphones, but do check out your own web profile on your laptops as well – you may be pleasantly surprised to find out how beautiful it looks!

Basically, as a Carouseller, all you need to do is to type in “” and a pretty neat little web profile will appear! For example, here’s my web profile at :






Although Carousell’s web profile is for viewing profile of individual Carousellers only and not for browsing the entire marketplace, it does allow for you to very easily share your listings with your friends, and on your social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. without having to persuade them to download the Carousell app first! Think about how many more people will be able to browse your listings as shoppers without a Carousell account are welcomed to freely browse through your listings!



As you can see, this has also really encouraged me to have gorgeous cover pics and photos! Cause obviously, beautiful pictures look even more beautiful on computer screens!

How you make use of this cool feature is entirely up to you. What I’ve done is to link my Carousell web profile to my blog, so that (1) my readers actually know that I am selling stuff, and (2) they can easily shop with me if something tickles their fancy.




To get more inspiration, check out what some other Carousellers are doing to promote their web profiles! Here are some interesting examples I thought I’d share:


1) Not Another Wedding Reception 


They’ve created a nice little icon merging the Carousell logo with their own logo, and promoted it on their page.


2) Weekend Cheoks 


The ‘SHOP’ tab on the siblings, Sam, Stacey and Hazel’s blog brings their visitors straight to the Carousell web profile.


3) The Acrimony 


What better way for fashion blogger, Cassandra, to let her followers know that she is unleashing her stamp of authority on fashion out into the wild? Clicking on the shopping basket logo will bring you to her web profile where you can see what she’s listing for sale.

I am excited to hear about the creative ways which you are going to use your web profile! Do leave me a comment with your wild ideas and also your username so that I can check out your listings 😉 Have fun and go wild!

Note: Article originally posted on the Carousell blog.

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