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Do You Believe In Love & Paktor?

Article originally published on Poached Mag.

After the whole Ashley Madison saga, online dating and dating apps seem to have left a sour taste in our mouths. At least for us Singaporeans. For those who are still looking for love, online dating may still be something you’re keeping in your scope of consideration.

And ironically, this saga may have led some of us to explore the realm of online dating. With Christmas and New Year’s Eve round the corner, some of the single folk amongst us may be feeling some festive blues. Now may be the best time for Paktor, a social networking app, to really solve Singapore’s “love problem”.

Paktor, which means “going on a date” in Hokkien/Cantonese slang, is currently ranked the most downloaded networking app in Singapore since its launch in April 2013, with more than 40 million profile ratings and 150,000 matches since its launch. And its community of active users is still continuing to grow.

To have a sense of Paktor’s “personality”, just check out their hilarious reality web series, “You’ve Got a Match!”, which follows one of Paktor’s bachelors as he embarks on a series of three dates filled with tasks designed to suss out his potential partner. It may make you laugh, or it may make you cringe, but it’s all because you know it rings so true of our local culture.

Singapore falls under what we’d call a socially conservative and introverted society. The founders at Paktor understand the pains of such a society – the fear of being snubbed by a potential date, while still desiring to find an ideal partner with ease – and came up with a reserved, simplified approach to dating that many of us can appreciate: a mobile app that emphasises on anonymity, locality, and usability for their users.

What’s novel about Paktor is the ability to view profiles of people who are within your vicinity. You can even have control over certain filter settings, such as the distance and age range according to your preference. A quick sign‐up and profile creation via Facebook saves you the time and stress spent in crafting your profile which will come under the scrutiny of others regardless.

Matches are made based on similar likes, interests, and in some cases, shared social circles. And to ease the Asian dating anxiety? Paktor relies on a double‐blind matching system where a matching process is complete only when two users mutually “like” each other’s profile, and communication may then be established. So goodbye, in-your-face rejection!

Another thing which you may enjoy or frown upon is that Paktor allows you to browse through a buffet of profiles, so it does provide you with something entertaining to do when you have pockets of time to kill. Whether you’re looking for the elusive One, or just a date for the festive season, good luck!

Note: I’ve downloaded the app and gave it a go myself. Results have been hilarious. Drop me a comment and we can exchange experiences?

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