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5mil Global Downloads for Couple App, Between.

Article orginally posted on Poached Mag.

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The reaches of online dating spans far and wide. You can now broaden your conventional thinking of online dating apps from those that allow you to meet other singles and go on dates, to a definition that spans across to applications for couples. Between is a mobile application that promises to allow couples to “create, share, and remember all their special moments in a private space.”

For those of us who are lucky and in love, it’s heartening to know that there are mobile couple applications out there that aim to enhance communication between couples out there, especially with the digital noise thrown at us on a daily basis. Since is release in South Korea in March 2012, it has seen strong support from its home country, with downloads also coming from Japan, China, the US and of course, Southeast Asia.

Between enhances offline relationships by providing a private space where couples can create, share, and remember all their special moments. – Joash Wee, General Manager (Singapore), Between

Since November 2013, Between has partnered with Asia’s premier dining guide, OpenRice, Asia’s Premier Dining Guide, to find Singapore’s best foodie couple. From November 2013 to January 2014, Between and OpenRice Singapore will join in the foodie-craze in Singapore, and run 3 food tasting sessions where they will invite 12 shortlisted couples to participate and review selected restaurants in Singapore. The best couple food critic will win a romantic dinner in February 2014, just in time for Valentine’s Day.


And just today, Between announced that it has crossed the 5 million global downloads milestone. This announcement comes together with the launch of Between 2.0, which ties in with their global expansion strategy. If you’re a romantic at heart, read on, cause you may just find the updated Between app useful for you an your beau:

1) Shared Calendar 
Users can use the shared calendar feature to plan their dates, notify their significant other about key appointments or travel schedules and to keep track of special days like anniversaries and birthdays better.

2) Weather Update

Be it a married couple living together or a couple going through a long-distance relationship (we all try our best to make it work, don’t we?), Between’s new weather update feature will bring couples closer together even when they are physically apart by helping them understand what each other is experiencing.

3) Appealing Visual User Interface


Between currently delivers over 840 million messages and adds over 8.4 million precious moments captured in photo each month for couples worldwide. Between 2.0 employs a highly visual user interface design that is even more appealing. Couples will be able to enjoy and recall more of their favourite memories better as there is greater emphasis on photos and how they are displayed and organised.

Not to mention, there’s always a nice touch with it being a South Korean app – where do you think the craze and romance around K-Pop and Korean dramas come from? All in all, a nice change in a time were we are constantly being bombarded with online dating apps which target only the lonely hearts.

Image Credits: Between, We Heart It

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